Madam, Sir,

You are the owner of a property; whether you acquired it or inherited it, it is likely to be the result of long and laborious years of work.

Perhaps you will consider one day selling it, renting it, passing it on, putting it in co-ownership, using it as collateral to invest, or even updating its market value?

Each of these situations can be an important step in the evolution of your patrimonial situation, which you must know how to manage and anticipate even before the circumstances incite you or force you to do so.

As you know, beyond the emotional value you may have for your property, the real estate market evolves according to supply and demand, of course, but also according to the economy, regulations, whether fiscal, technical or normative, without forgetting to take into account the psychology of its actors, whether local, national or international.

It is therefore your most legitimate right to be informed in order to make the best decisions and therefore to be accompanied in the most objective and professional way.

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